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About The Clow Experience
"The Clow Experience" is a lifestyle. A revolutionary way to becoming healthy AND staying healthy. While for some the primary goal may be to lose weight, others may want to build lean muscle mass, others may want a way to maintain their current physique but desire the added energy, stamina, and overall feeling of well being. 

The truth is "The Clow Experience" is a fit for all people of all ages. Whether your 18 or 75, losing weight, maintaining your current weight, or building lean muscle; "The Clow Experience" is an approach to overall health and fitness for the long term. 

For years people have been bombarded with infomercials, fitness tips, and "fad" diets...but they repeatedly find themselves struggling.  It's not until you cut through all the "hype" and really understand the human body, that you find yourself changing before your eyes.  Armed with this new found information, you can change your life and help begin a new fitness revolution starting with YOU!   Together we will take back control of your fitness.

The Clow Experience will show you exactly what you need to do in order to create positive daily habits that last for a lifetime.  From the diet to the exercise regiments, this is a completely comprehensive program that includes everything you need to completely transform your body.  It is all included and provided through a wide range of programs.  No matter what program you choose, our online version remains, as always, 100% free of charge.  

Are YOU ready for a change?  Do YOU want to begin living life in a way that will make you the leanest, strongest, healthiest person you can be?  

YOU can take control of your body and health, at the same time having fun with your fitness goals.

We are here to help you achieve your goals but remember, we are not promising miracles - we are promising results.

Don't forget to sign the guest book on the main page.  Click the top of the page to like us Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We want to hear from you!  Keep us posted on your progress. 

Who created The Clow Experience?
Before we go any farther, allow us to introduce the creator of The Clow Experience. His name is Christopher Clow, previously a slave to the daily grind and mass media, unhappy and depressed in the seemingly endless cubicles and daily routines that surrounded him.  Finding himself unhappy in life, looking in the mirror with an unquenchable urge to break free. The problem was, he had no idea how to do so. That was the start of his journey to becoming healthy, happy and content.

Along that journey he started a small website and blog to empower YOU to take control of your own inner power.  Since that day the website has taken on a life of it's own growing and now supporting followers worldwide.  "The Clow Experience" is a different approach, a far cry from any other "diet plan", "website", or "book" you have tried in the past. This website will show YOU how to take that journey. 
"It's not a diet, It's a lifestyle."
A New Approach to Personal Training
The Clow Experience also offers a unique approach to personal training.  We travel to you providing a completely customized program to meet any fitness goal.  
​With an emphasis on extremely professional services, our goal is to provide an Experience YOU never forget.  Elite personal training, Group Training,  individualized programs, & dedication to success at a price the average person can afford.  
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"Please understand that in order to truly change and take back control of your health, you have to change everything you think you know about health and happiness."

"I sincerely hope you will join us!"
 - Christopher Clow
With the website's success & personal training certification,  the addition of Affordable In-Home Personal Training and Group Training are available!.  Also plans for The Ultimate Gym & Wellness Center are now in the works for Mr. Clow's hometown of Falls City NE.  This will be the first Wellness Center with plans for more as this fitness revolution takes hold.  
Affordable Group Training NOW Available!!
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