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Individual, Group, Morning & Evening Training SIGN-UP
We provide all these services at a price the average person can afford while working with your schedule in mind.  
The Best Part?
Whatever your Goal may be - 
Weight Loss
Strength Training
You get a completely personalized program to meet any fitness goal throughout Southeast Nebraska and the Tri-State Region.  
While the website alone may be a perfect fit for many.  
Our Experienced Training comes to YOU at a price You can afford!
Initial Setup 
Includes complete body analysis, nutritional assessment, base caloric intake, BMI, and customized diet and exercise regiment.
Only $40!
Each Additional Training Session
Sessions last 1 hour.  Physical & Dietary customization is dependent on the needs and likes of each individual.  Your customized program will be yours alone and unlike anyone else.  
Only $25!
Success Package
Some people want or need a fun, structured, comprehensive program only personal trainers can provide.  With an emphasis on providing a professional, non-intimidating environment that is conducive to ensuring your success.
Only $220!
Schedule your FREE Consultation or Enroll in a Group Training Class TODAY!  
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Starter Package
See What All The Hype is About!
Free Initial Setup with three deeply discounted training sessions.  
Get Started Today! (one time only)
Only $60!!
Get started today!  We will meet with you and complete a full weekly diet analysis and discuss your goals!  No obligation and 100% confidential.
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Corporate Wellness Programs
Personal Training Rates - Initial Consulation is FREE!!
  Whether you want confidential private In-home sessions or would like to participate in one of our Group Classes.  There is Never any Equipment to buy and your Initial Consultation is completely Free of Charge.
Complete Fitness With Coach Clow: Every Monday and every other Friday.  5-6PM 6-7PM 7-8PM  - FULL TRAINING PROGRAM INCLUDING NUTRITION
30 Min Morning Fitness Blasts: Offered Monday,Wednesday and Friday.  Come warmed up and and Coach Strecker puts you through a 30 min blast of fitness.  Get in and Get out and Get on with your day!  Pick any 30 min between 5AM - 8 AM!!  Only $5 per session - Set your own schedule! 
Small Group Training with Coach Strecker: Every Tuesday and Thursday.  5:30-6:30PM & 6:30-7:30PM  ANY LEVEL WELCOME! You pick your schedule - Only $6 per session!
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Guarantee Success and Save $$ with a FREE Initial Setup and discounted additional sessions. Package includes 12 Session Per Month with the initial setup!!

Affordability Package
This Monthly Package includes a FREE Initial Setup and 6 Session Per Month!!  Get in shape at an extremely affordable rate!
Only $100!
Have your own In-Home  program designed for you and your friends for Only $65 per month!
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Do it for YOU!

"When my daughter talked me into joining the Clow Experience, I figured I would try it out but had little expectations of sticking with it....I'm 50 years old and I never usually stuck with any diets or exercise's. But I have to say my life has changed and is continuing to change because of Chris. I feel great! I'm looking great and it only up hill from here!! I know this is one journey I will continue with as long as I am able!! Thank You for giving me my healthy life back!!!"
 - Jody P, Pawnee City NE
Low & High Impact Classes are available
"I had a bulging disk in my lower back and couldn't stand up straight.  
That is until I started The Clow Experience.  
With the awesome help from my Trainer I began to get stronger, and eventually became pain free. :)  
I was just like everyone else.  I would try some crazy diet, lose a few pounds and then gain it back again.  
Until NOW!  
I still have a ways to go but because of this program I have changed my lifestyle and will be able to keep it off for good.  I just want to thank Chris for all the hard work and caring about what he does.  
He gave me my life back, 
and a pain free day.
"When my daughter talked me into joining The Clow Experience, I figured I would try it out but had little expectations of sticking with it...
I'm 50 years old and I never usually stick with any diets or exercises.  
But I have to say... 
My life has changed and is continuing to change because of this program. 

I feel great! I'm looking great & it's only uphill from here!! I know this is one journey I will continue with as long as I am able!! 

Thank You for giving me my life back the healthy way and for making this 50 year old, feel 30 again!"