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Your New Standards

The way you fuel your body is one of the most important changes you will make!  This diet in combination with your new exercise regiments is going dramatically alter your body...

​Your daily calorie intake was already calculated on the "Getting Started" page.  If you have NOT  completed this step please GO BACK, as the daily calorie deficit you calculated must be hit daily!
​Below you will find two downloadable files for you to print.  These will keep you on track ensuring you are ​accountable for your own nutrition!

Calorie Journal that you will be keeping.

Comprehensive list of foods and the calories they contain.
YOU   now have the exercise regiment.
Specific Nutrition for a New YOU!

YOU  now have all the tools needed to track and maintain your progress.
You MUST read the following guide and make the appropriate changes in the foods you choose.  These changes are essential.   
Now let's take a look at specifically what foods can help you not only shed the pounds faster but maintain your new weight for a lifetime.  
YOU  now have a new calorie intake to maintain daily.  
YOU   now understand the principle behind the exercise.